A Christmas Bonfire on the Beach? I’m in!

When you think of “white Christmas”, you most probably think of snow… but we don’t! Our first thoughts are the fun times to be had amongst friends or family on the white sands of beautiful and relaxing Jolly Beach.

Share a fire with those you care about, or maybe with some new friends, swapping stories and expressing your thanks for all of life’s bounty. At Jolly Beach, we’ll help you set up all the fine details. Where to go, what to do, and, of course, the best ways to kick back and take in the holidays in paradise.

You’ll be able to walk on one of the best of the 365 Antiguan beaches, enjoy the warm weather and cool breeze, and always be easily enjoying yourself with all the great accommodations and amenities we have on immediate offer.

Have you considered what a beach Christmas would be like? Sitting by the bon fire on a beach that stretches for a mile, maybe someone gently strumming on a guitar, with beach BBQ treats on hand so you can truly have a “white sand Christmas”.

Jolly Beach