Antigua Activities


Let’s talk about cats! And we don’t mean our four-legged furry critters (though we always appreciate our feline friends) but catamarans, simply one of the best ways to tour around Antigua.

Wadadli Cats operates out of St. John’s, just north of Jolly Beach, where you can book your catamaran cruise around the island. Join Captain Sheldon and sail around Antigua, exploring every nook and cranny before landing on a beautiful beach to explore.

Half a dozen different boats are available, depending on the size of the tours, ranging from 47 to 61 feet. The Spirit of Antigua is the preferred choice, faster and more comfortable than the other catamarans with 200 square feet of sail area providing a fast and exhilarating experience.

Beverages and festivities are served aboard – there’s nothing like some Caribbean rum to make your journey more enjoyable!

Jolly Beach