Antigua Activities


It has been said that “Antigua has 365 beaches, one for each day of the year” – and while we have always believed that Jolly Beach is the best beach of all, we are absolutely spoiled for choice.

There are so many beaches around Antigua it is hard to keep track, but it’s all in the details. The pristine white sands, so silky-smooth they massage your feet as you walk; tropical Caribbean waters crashing around you, the perfect temperature all year long; that Caribbean Blue ocean, so spectacular you can become lost in thought just staring at the waves…

Its what poets write of. Its what memories are made of. And if you’re looking to spend your Antigua days exploring the best beaches of the Caribbean, Jolly Beach is a great place to start. South Beach is just around the corner, accessible through Jolly Harbour, but other spectacular beaches, like Ffryes, Darkwood, and Turners Beach lie just south of Jolly Beach.

Antigua is a beach-goer’s paradise. You’ll be able to find the perfect beach for you!

Jolly Beach