A Christmas Bonfire on the Beach? I’m in!

November 21st, 2015

When you think of “white Christmas”, you most probably think of snow… but we don’t! Our first thoughts are the fun times to be had amongst friends or family on the white sands of beautiful and relaxing Jolly Beach.

Share a fire with those you care about, or maybe with some new friends, swapping stories and expressing your thanks for all of life’s bounty. At Jolly Beach, we’ll help you set up all the fine details. Where to go, what to do, and, of course, the best ways to kick back and take in the holidays in paradise.

You’ll be able to walk on one of the best of the 365 Antiguan beaches, enjoy the warm weather and cool breeze, and always be easily enjoying yourself with all the great accommodations and amenities we have on immediate offer.

Have you considered what a beach Christmas would be like? Sitting by the bon fire on a beach that stretches for a mile, maybe someone gently strumming on a guitar, with beach BBQ treats on hand so you can truly have a “white sand Christmas”.

Just a Stroll Away from Great Sights

November 7th, 2015

At Jolly Beach you are just a short stroll away from amazing and memorable Jolly Harbour.

In the past, the original, innovative owners of Jolly Harbour were Dr. Alfred and Mrs. Patricia Erhart. They created a community village all unto its own, giving local people access to a wide array of amenities within the gorgeous marina, such as supermarket, a bank, and a pharmacy. Small shops selling everything from water-sports products to hardware items to clothing and accessories were added a bit later, completing this must-visit location.

At Jolly Harbour owners can also moor their boats or yachts in the marina. And some dock right in front of their villas! Just the display of all these boats and watercraft make for excellent sightseeing.

The Commercial Center office offers several services to the Jolly Harbour Community – Housekeeping Services, Mailbox Services, both local and international, telephone services, and other in-office administrative services. Educational tours can also be arranged with ease for student groups from various schools on the island, too.

There is great golfing to be had, as well! Set in a lush tropical parkland, the Jolly Harbour Golf Club is one of the Caribbean’s premier golfing venues with an established 18-hole championship golf course. Pleasant easterly breezes will cool you on the fairways that have been sculpted into green hilly landscape, with seven lakes to make this 5,587 yards golf course more appealing and challenging. Designed by leading golf course architect Karl Litton of Florida, the course is certified with a 67.8 handicap and 121 slope rating. The Jolly Harbour Golf Club offers you a “Players Paradise”.

This 71-par course plays to 5587 and 4554 yards from the black and red tees, presenting a fun challenge for all skill levels. Between the boating, sightseeing, and the golf to be had, Jolly Harbour has lots to offer… and it’s all within a short walk from the white sands of Jolly Beach!

Holidays at Jolly Beach

October 23rd, 2015

What’s your plan for Thanksgiving? What about Christmas? New Year’s?

How about an affordable all-inclusive vacation in a tropical paradise?

At Jolly Beach, it’s your vacation, your way, whether you plan to get away from the colder months with your family, loved ones, special someone, friends, or even by yourself. Do as little or as much as you like, and make your stay with us in Antigua the perfect experience.

Sip on a tropical drink beside one of our two pools, dine in your choice of five on-site restaurants, or get rid of any of the lingering stress at our resort’s spa – while you send your kids off to have some fun in the Jolly Kidz program. You’re welcome to join in on a game of beach volleyball, or compete in the always-fun Jolly Beach Olympics. You’ll enjoy live music, exotic fire dancers, and many other cultural performances and shows.

We sport the best of the island’s 365 beaches, with more amenities than you could possibly count. Jolly Beach Resort is the destination for absolutely affordable all-inclusive value in Antigua. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t spend another holiday season in the chilly weather of your northern climes. Come to Antigua to unwind, relax, and have the time of your life.

A Christmas bonfire on the beach? I’m in!

October 10th, 2015

We’re certain that it’s a scientific fact that good ol’ Santa loves everything snow. So it stands to reason he can’t resist our snow white sand!

Escape the snow and make a Christmas “sand-man” this year on world-class Jolly Beach. Celebrating Christmas in Antigua simply isn’t complete until you’ve tried bambula, or cassava bread. This island tradition tastes delightful. And it looks delightful, too, with fireworks, nativities, and masquerades. We also have Santa’s Little Helpers treasure hunt and gift wrapping relay race. Or maybe you just want to have a Christmas holiday on a gorgeous beach, sipping a beverage that isn’t as cold as air around you.

The jolliest place on Earth has to be Jolly Beach. Exotic and affordable, Jolly Beach Resort is at the top of Santa’s list of value vacations! Have you booked your Christmas on Antigua yet?

It’s Turtle Watching Season!

October 9th, 2015

We are blessed to be located on Antigua’s best beach, with turquoise waters and white sand stretching for a mile. But it’s not just us who enjoy it all: hawksbill sea turtles (Eretmochelys imbricate) come here each year for nesting.

It’s turtle watching season!

All sea turtles spend most of their lives in the water, coming onto land only to lay their eggs. In fact, there are actually three types that nest on our beaches (Green Turtle, Leatherback) with Hawksbills being the most numerous.

When a female Hawksbill turtle is mature enough to begin reproducing (20-25 years), after mating she will travel up onto the beach, dig a large hole into the sand with her flippers, and then deposit somewhere between 80 and 150 eggs. Once she finishes laying her eggs, she will cover the nest and head back into the sea, never to see her eggs hatch into baby turtles.

After around 60-65 days, those Hawksbill eggs will hatch, and the baby turtles will get themselves out of the sand and then make a dash for the ocean. They usually hatch at night, with the temperature of the nest telling them when that will be, specifically. Hatching at night means those baby turtles won’t get too hot or too dehydrated on their journey to the sea. Once the hatchlings hit that warm water, they’ll separate and swim off to a life into the unknown…

Sea turtles are an endangered species, facing multiple threats from natural predators (sharks, barracudas, birds, etc.) and from humans, too. Nets, boats, fishing lines, and trash are very real dangers these beautiful creatures face every day in our waters. These animals need to be respected when they come up onto our beaches or are seen in the water, and we must do our best to not interfere with their nesting or other natural processes.

Jolly Beach is just as excited as you are to see these majestic creatures engage in their unique and interesting lifecycle. We’re happy to help set up turtle watching excursions. Be sure to tell us that’s what you want to do, and we’ll set it all up for you.