Different Tastes, Different People, Different Places

September 26th, 2015

From England, Ireland, Italy, Canada, the United States, Central America – they come to the peaceful and immaculate shores of Antigua to enjoy what the aqua colored waters, the powdery white sand and the hospitality we have become known for.

At Jolly Beach we have the finest beach on Antigua, and 464 rooms in 9 buildings to host those that come to enjoy our island pleasures.

Feeding that many guests, and making that many meals a day is no easy feat. And they don’t all like the same kinds of foods. So, we present: Hemispheres, Lydia’s, Bocciolo, Utsav, and Coconut Grill. More than just names, they all represent a different way of cooking, different flavours to try and different pallets to please.

Lydia’s BBQ, think tropical blender drinks, and grilled catch of the day, waves lapping on the shore, that’s Lydia’s.

Hemishperes a breezy relaxed atmosphere and casual buffet dining with indoor and outdoor seating — serving three meals a day hot and plentiful.

Bocciolo is a cool change of pace. Classic Italian dishes served in air-conditioned comfort. The antipasto bar alone will call you back for seconds.

Utsav features a selection of dishes from India’s many cuisines — truly a “festival” of Indian flavors.

And for those on the go, and just steps away from the beach and pools, a grab-and-go menu serves up quick and tasty choices like hamburgers, hot dogs and grilled jerk chicken and crispy French fries all afternoon.

Come and try us soon!

Tales of the Black Pineapple

July 18th, 2015

When Jolly Beach Resort (JBR) stresses “value getaways”, we do mean that we fit into just about anyone’s holiday budget. But value not just in financial terms—but value when it comes to be THE portal to exciting and relaxing Antigua, the island’s beauty, and its rich cultural and natural heritage. Plants and trees on Antigua abound. We have ornamental bougainvillea, night blooming cereus, and the “Monkey No Climb,” a cactus-type small tree commonly found in gardens. As it is rich history as it is in flora and fauna, Antigua was discovered on 1493 by famed explorer Christopher Columbus, while on his second transatlantic voyage. By 1632, England had colonized the island. And way before all this, there were indigenous groups like the Ciboney, Arawak and Carib peoples (and to them, Antigua is called Waladli or Wadadli).

These amazing peoples came from what is present-day Venezuela and Cuba. It is the Arawak who introduced agriculture to Antigua, and amongst their many crops, they cultivated the now acclaimed Antiguan Black Pineapple. The Arawak brought pineapples to Antigua over 1,000 years ago, which they’ve grown to develop and adopt a special flavor and appearance due to the island’s unique environment of rich soil with just the right amount of rain, so the pineapples shine without being watered down. Nowadays, the Black Pineapple is the national fruit! Dubbed “the world’s sweetest pineapple”, you can taste one and you’ll be sure to agree. Compared to other pineapples, the fruit is more golden, having a crisp flavor and very low acid content. Just one bite is invigorating!

The home of the Black Pineapple can be visited by less than 20 minutes by car at Cades Bay Agricultural Station. During the 1940s, Cades Bay Pineapple Station was a district settlement consisting of a number of small farms.  It wasn’t until the late 1960s that the Ministry of Agriculture diversified the operations from small farms to a government owned Agricultural Station. Antigua attracts 700,000 visitors annually, and just about every last one of them falls in love with the Black Pineapple. Our guests at Jolly Beach are no different. And you can make this happen and not break the bank in the process. Jolly Beach may be the best budget vacation option Antigua offers, but we are far from cheap when it comes to experience.  For rates & reservations, please click here.

Live Like a Star, Be Treated Like a Star

June 20th, 2015

Most people that come to Antigua are on vacation – but our little island has been called “home” by more than a handful of celebrities. World renown personalities include rock star Eric Clapton, actor Timothy Dalton, the ultra-chic Italian clothes’ designer Giorgio Armani, Virgin Atlantic mogul Richard Branson, and TV super-power Oprah Winfrey to mention a few. Although Antigua is widely regarded as a home by celebrities, Jolly Beach Resort genuinely cares that each guest enjoys their vacation. Whether it’s family, friends, a couple, etc., JBR feels it is critical to offer guests the best valued beach vacation on the island.

Antigua Carnival 2015

June 6th, 2015

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for the 59th Antigua Carnival – The Caribbean’s Greatest Summer Festival! Taking place from July 25 until August 4, Carnival is an annual ten-day celebration of music and dance featuring colorful costumes, beauty pageants, talent shows, and music.

A celebration of emancipation, Carnival’s festivities include competitions – like the Panorama steel band competition – as well as the spectacular Parade of Bands, the Miss Antigua Pageant, and the Caribbean Queen’s Competition. But that’s not all: in addition to the major events, Carnival’s nonstop revelry also includes countless smaller festivities including local concerts, food fairs, parades, and cultural shows.

Antigua Carnival is an absolute ‘must’ for anyone’s bucket list, and we have the perfect all-inclusive packages for your trip – as well as the ideal home base for you to retreat to whenever you need a moment to relax!


May 23rd, 2015

You may be thinking: why visit Antigua in the summer? But there is one thing you should consider first: it never gets cheaper to visit the Caribbean than during summer months, and there is never a better time to visit than during Carnival. Come enjoy everything that Jolly Beach Resort and Antigua Carnival 2015 have to offer – and enjoy up to 55% off.

Vacation Value Outside the Room

May 9th, 2015

Jolly Beach Resort is Antigua’s best vacation value, with 40 acres of stunning tropical gardens, five restaurants, countless events, and THE best beach on Antigua. So, if you are seeking a value-focused, all-inclusive vacation– one that is specific and not duplicated anywhere else in the Caribbean. ur all-inclusive packages also include nightly entertainment, non-motorized water sports, “Kidz and Teenz Clubs”, unlimited house-brand beverages and cocktails, daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner, afternoon tea and snacks at the Coconut Grill. Oh! And don’t forget to try our world-renowned Jerk Chicken! Allow us to pamper you and be your home away from home.

We promise you an unforgettable stay. For more information on our all-inclusive packages, visit: http://www.jollybeachresort.com/all-inclusive/packages/

Antigua’s Sailing Week, April 26-May 2, 2014

April 25th, 2014

World Class Racing

With a blend of blue water, warm, steady trade winds, and seemingly endless harbors to explore, Antigua is a fantastic yachting and sailing destination.  Here in Antigua we even have our own version of The America’s Cup – Antigua Sailing Week.

Sailing Week is one of the world’s foremost sailing events and is renowned for world-class racing and all-night partying. It takes place from April 26, 2014 through May 2, 2014.

This year 21 different countries will bring their yachts to compete in the regatta’s 46th anniversary, with thrills and spills guaranteed!  Antigua’s Sailing Week has consistently graced international sailing aficionados’ calendars. Some of the races in this year’s regatta schedule include the Guadeloupe to Antigua Race, the Yachting World Round Antigua Race, and the English Harbour Rum Runner.

Throughout the island there will also be numerous parties.  Ask our Concierge and he’ll be sure to point you in the right direction.

If you feel you’ve had too much of the regattas you can always return home to Jolly Beach Resort.  Here, even when the sea may be rough, our beach is stunning and calm and the water is super refreshing.  If you don’t feel like participating in the week’s after-hours’ parties, Jolly Beach Resort also has nightly entertainment, including a casino, shows, and dancing.

The Caribbean’s Greatest Summer Festival

April 25th, 2014

Queen Of Carnival

Antigua Carnival – this is one holiday that ALL Antiguans look forward to with high expectations.  Why?  Because it’s a time of year when everybody lets their hair down and focuses exclusively on having fun!  The carnival is a celebration of music, dance, and food – an 11 day festival of vibrant costumes, beauty pageants, talent shows, and really great music.  Think New Orleans’ Mardi Gras, but with a Calypso rhythm.

Popular Carnival Events

  1. The Queen of Carnival is always chosen by popular applause after several competitions, including those for evening gown, talent, swimsuit, interview, and best costume. The show is the most prestigious and coveted pageant title in Antigua and Barbuda, and local talent for design and pageantry is especially evident in these competitions.
  2. Local Steel Drum Bands, typically comprised by neighbourhoods, will also compete, going all out to win a monetary prize. The bands also play during the parade, accompanied by their krewes, groups of followers wearing costumes that they have designed and sewn themselves.  Some of these costumes are very elaborate and costly.
  3. Children’s Events: two popular children’s events include the Jr. Calypso Competition and the Children’s Carnival Parade.  The crowd often goes wild with enthusiasm and support for the kids during both of these events.

When You Need a Break

Spicy and rhythmic, with a rainbow of colors, Antigua Carnival is a great way to get a taste of the local culture, but if you want a break from the festivities, come on back to Jolly Beach Resort & Spa for a bit of down time.

Lounge on a world-class beach (Antigua’s best) or splash around in protected turquoise waters, grab a drink poolside and dive into a great novel, or simply avoid the lines at Carnival for savory Jerk chicken and other scrumptious meals in one of our resort’s 5 on-site restaurants.

You can even drop your kids off at the Jolly Kidz Club or Jolly Teenz Club, both offering a full schedule of activities your kids will love, while you go out and enjoy some Carnival time on your own.

Simply click to Book Online or call our reservations department to book your stay during Antigua Carnival.


  • USA & Canada: 1-866-905-6559
  • UK & Europe: 00-800-1-235-6559

But hurry – rooms go on a first come, first served basis and you wouldn’t want to miss the Caribbean’s greatest summer festival!


Beach Body Boot Campers Rocked It Out

May 6th, 2013

There was climbing, hiking, dancing, swerving, kicking, sweating and more — and it all added up to a rousing fitness success as we wrapped up the first Beach Body Boot Camp last weekend at JBR. Our Boot Campers embraced the aches and pains and came back for more – like 5:00 a.m. crazy more! Those early calls were tough but we were back and relaxing on the beach as everyone else was having their first cup of coffee. What’s more, everyone made the top on the uphill hikes to Shirley Heights and Mount Obama for those beautiful views of the coast, harbor, capital and rolling hills. We’re looking forward to the next Beach Body Boot Camp, August 2-8 and crossed our hearts to keep up the workouts till then. The only huffing and puffing should be the tropical breeze. We hope you’ll join us. Congratulations to all the Boot Campers! We did it, and here are all your smiling faces!

April 25 –Socarobics warmed us up as we got a full-body cardio workout
moving to hottest Soca music from the Caribbean.

April 26 – The steep climb up Mount Obama at 5:00 a.m. tested us all,
and we made it to stand on Antigua’s highest point.

April 27 – ZUMBA® Madness as the sun started to set

April 28 – The reward for hiking ten miles to Shirley Heights Lookout was the
most beautiful and famous panoramic view of Antigua’s coastline.

April 29 – At 5:00 a.m. it was time to work up a sweat during the best light of the
day as we hit the beach for the Fitness Challenge.

The Most Challenging Thing That I’ve Ever Had To Do

March 5th, 2013

This weekend I marked a personal best. I participated in a 14km walk/run to the top of the highest point in Antigua, Mount Obama. This turned out to be the most challenging thing that I’ve ever done since my quest for fitness began 4 months ago.

It was dark arriving at Ffreys Beach for the start of the hike at 5:00am, but the mood was anything but with 59 people ready to spend the next 2 ½ hours together, supporting each other to reach a common goal.  There were clusters of people who stuck together and motivated each other throughout the walk.  It was great team spirit.

The instructors were terrific, making us push ourselves but not so much that we couldn’t keep up.  There were moments when I wanted to slow down or just stop but being part of a group and having the instructors confidence in us kept my feet moving. I tried to pace myself knowing that to reach my goal I’d have to go uphill for the last 15 minutes. Then came the hill, I knew that this was the biggest test, but what accomplishment to overcome it.

My muscles felt the exertion on Sunday, my hike didn’t include a massage like the Insane Beach Body Boot Camp Package but that’s OK, I’d do it again in a minute.