Culinary Cupid

Classical to Fusion Cuisine

Within the confines of our kitchens we have a tightly-kept secret and he has a name – Mr. Ralston Williams, Jolly Beach Resort’s Executive Chef (EC).  EC Ralston has been in this business for well over 34 years.  Antiguan-born, he was raised in the UK where he obtained his degree from Oxford.

He’s the man in charge of Jolly Beach Resort’s 5 on-site restaurants, a bouquet of Italian, Indian, and Seafood a la carte restaurants, grilled catch of the day, grab-and-go beach fare, buffet smorgasbord, and even afternoon high tea.

EC Ralston told us that when he was an up-and-coming chef, things had a certain order.  He refers to that style of cooking as “classical.” “There was a reason for certain ingredients, spices, and herbs to be used in certain dishes,” he says. “Today, cooking styles have shifted from classical to fusion, and I’ve adapted. It’s all about making people happy.”

Here’s another kitchen secret: EC Ralston is considered the resort’s “Culinary Cupid.” Why? Aside from baking, his passion is to make up menus for couples.  Jolly Beach Resort & Spa hosts innumerable couples, and whether it’s for a couple who is celebrating an anniversary, a couple who has gotten married at the resort, a honeymooning couple, or simply a couple wishing to have an intimate dinner for two – this is where EC Ralston goes all out.  In his own words, “I LOVE writing up those menus!”

So, in the spirit of culinary love, we want to hear from you! Visit Jolly Beach Resort on Facebook and leave us a comment. Tell us:

  1. What would you order if you were a couple dining at one of our restaurants? Your dream menu…
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