Yummy New Healthy Choice Breakfast Option

March 27th, 2013

The newest addition to our 2013 “Get Into the Beach of It” program launches this Saturday morning at 7:00 a.m. Yes, it’s early but its breakfast, our new “Healthy Choice” continental breakfast option that will be served in the Utsav Restaurant.

The buffet-style “Healthy Choice” will be served daily from 7:00 a.m. through 11:00 a.m. for our guests who prefer lighter, and later, fare. The well-rounded menu includes an assortment of seasonal fresh fruits and juices, fruit and plain yogurt and a choice of three cereal varieties.  A deli platter features a selection cold cuts and cheese. Varieties of breads baked daily here by our staff include whole wheat and white loaves, plaited Antiguan bread, sweet currant buns and croissants. Banana bread, muffins, scones, cinnamon rolls, tea cakes and Danish round out the menu and of course our delicious coffee and a selection of teas will be served.

Our new “Healthy Choice” continental breakfast is in addition to the full Hemispheres Breakfast Buffet served daily from 7:00 a.m. through 10:00 a.m. The menu at Hemispheres includes “Healthy Choice” options as well as made-to-order eggs and omelets, sausages, bacon and more.

The “Get Into the Beach of It” program launched in January and is focused on giving our guests even more fun fitness and healthy lifestyle choices while vacationing and includes our first Insane Beach Body Boot Camp, April 25-29. April is Health and Fitness Month and we encourage you to start your even healthier habits today. Why wait?

The Most Challenging Thing That I’ve Ever Had To Do

March 5th, 2013

This weekend I marked a personal best. I participated in a 14km walk/run to the top of the highest point in Antigua, Mount Obama. This turned out to be the most challenging thing that I’ve ever done since my quest for fitness began 4 months ago.

It was dark arriving at Ffreys Beach for the start of the hike at 5:00am, but the mood was anything but with 59 people ready to spend the next 2 ½ hours together, supporting each other to reach a common goal.  There were clusters of people who stuck together and motivated each other throughout the walk.  It was great team spirit.

The instructors were terrific, making us push ourselves but not so much that we couldn’t keep up.  There were moments when I wanted to slow down or just stop but being part of a group and having the instructors confidence in us kept my feet moving. I tried to pace myself knowing that to reach my goal I’d have to go uphill for the last 15 minutes. Then came the hill, I knew that this was the biggest test, but what accomplishment to overcome it.

My muscles felt the exertion on Sunday, my hike didn’t include a massage like the Insane Beach Body Boot Camp Package but that’s OK, I’d do it again in a minute.


Insane Boot Camp Pictures Worth a Thousand Words

February 27th, 2013

We’re counting down to our first Insane Beach Body Boot Camp, April 25-29, 2013. And while we know that as fabulous as this intensive five-day program is — Socarobics on the beach, 10-mile walk/runs, fitness challenges — fitness and exercise needs to be a regular part of our lives. Participating in our Boot Camp is a great way to get inspired. Still need convincing? Take a look at some of the determined people who have embraced the insanity.


How We’ll Boot Your Body Into Shape

February 6th, 2013

Welcome to the Beach Blogger. We’re looking forward to letting you know what’s new and happening here at Jolly Beach Resort & Spa and in beautiful Antigua and Barbuda.

Kicking off 2013 we created the “Get Into the Beach of It” fitness program. According to Statistic Brain the Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions included Staying Fit and Healthy at #5 and Lose Weight in the #1 spot. Of course these aren’t always top priorities on a vacation, whether we plan to or not most of us end up take a little vacation from our health and fitness routines. But our first activity program is sure to get you up and working out. It’s absolutely insane!

That’s right; we’re going to boot your body into shape at our “Insane Boot Camp.” it’s not just jumping jacks on the beach. Led by former military instructors, this fun and invigorating 5 days of activities include a 12-mile hike up Mount Obama and a 10-mile hike to the famous outlook, Shirley Heights. What a way to see the sights and panoramic views of Antigua. We’ll get you out on the beach for those jumping jacks and more, Socarobics, the ultimate full-body cardio workout to the Caribbean’s hottest Soca music, and an Insane Fitness Challenge.

Plan to be here April 25-29, 2013, August 2-8 or November 15-19. There is a registration fee of US$150.00 to take part in the five-day workout which also includes a boot camp shirt and water bottle, a welcome cocktail and a therapeutic 30-minute massage.

So come join us for some fun-in-the-sun, and when you head home those tan muscles will be a terrific souvenir to show off.

Jolly Beach Resort & Spa's mile-long beach is a heavenly setting for a devil of a workout!
Jolly Beach Resort & Spa’s mile-long beach is a heavenly setting for a devil of a workout for the beginning of this Insane program which also shows off the scenic side of Antigua guests otherwise might not get to see.
The five-day Insane Boot Camp fitness program challenges “campers” to push their mental and physical limits embrace the aches and pains and come back for more.
The five-day Insane Boot Camp fitness program challenges “campers” to push their mental and physical limits embrace the aches and pains and come back for more.