What makes your family special?

“What makes your family special?” Ajarie Blucher, a student at Mary E. Pigott Primary in Grade 4S, reminded us what is truly important in his prize-winning essay. We received many entries from Primary School children in grades 4 through 6 for our Jolly Kidz Essay Contest, and all the youngsters had something special to say. Ajarie’s was chosen as our winner as he really captured many of the ideas and presented them in a strong, and loving text. Ajarie and his family will enjoy an all-inclusive stay here at Jolly Beach Resort & Spa. In addition, congratulations go out to his educators who work tirelessly to instill knowledge and values to all youngsters. His teacher, Mrs. Donmarie Gerald-Simon, has been awarded a Day Pass for two, and Ms. Gayle Samuel, Principal of Mary E. Pigott Primary, receives a complimentary dinner for two. Congratulations to Ajarie, his family and his school and thanks to all of the children who took the time to share what makes their family special.

Ajarie Blucher
Grade: 4S
Mary E. Pigott Primary
What makes my family special
Some people believe that having lots of clothes and money, and living in a big house a nice car, makes a family special, but I do not think so.

First of all, I believe that what makes my family special is our good relationship with each other. When my Grandparents and my Mommy bring us together for Bible Study and prayer and we learn about God, to love and share, to help each other, that makes my family special. When my Grandparents, Mommy, Uncle and Aunts help me to understand my homework and show me how to do it neat and tidy, that makes my family special. We all work together so that we can be better people to help our world and make it a better place.

Secondly, my parents train me to do right things and this makes my family special. They teach me that I am not to tell lies, but to tell the truth at all times. They also teach me that I am to listen to them and listen to others who are leading me in the right way. I am to obey the right things because God says so. I am not to follow others and do the wrong because this is to disobey and God does not like when we are disobedient. They also help me to choose good friends.

Thirdly, when we communicate with each other, this makes us special. When I, and my brother and sister share about our times at school each day as we eat dinner around the table, that makes us special. Then after we share we will know if we did the right thing or not, from what we told them, because they want us to be wise and grow to be good children. We do not eat with cell phones at the table, or watch television when we eat, because that is family time and we love to share. Some other families spend this time watching television, but this is cool, and it does not show that they believe that their family is special. Mine is, because my parents take the time to communicate, so I know they love me.

Finally, being together as a family makes a family. We do everything together. We go to church, cook, clean the house, wash the dishes, go shopping at the supermarket, wash clothes, have family parties and go on family picnics together. We sometimes get upset and fuss with each other, but not for long, because Mommy says that we should learn to get along, even though we are different.

We take the time to visit our Aunts and Uncles together. We pray for each other, especially when someone is ill. We get together for Christmas, birthday, weddings and even funerals, because we are a special family; and we take care of each other. We do all these nice things. Sometimes I think that we are crazy, but I enjoy it all because we are special. We are a family.



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